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Videodrome, 2013.

Copper, iPhone, AR application, digital photographic panorama, mixed media.

This work was shown again in Dunedin for the Aotearoa Digital Arts Symposium in September 2013 on Vogel Street. The work incorporated a copper helmet resembling one of an old atmospheric diving helmet. On request by the viewer this work would decent from the Vogel Street Penthouse via a set of 1980s walkie talkie communication. The helmet was lowered to the desired height of the viewer in order to wear the object and experience an augmented view of the current location via an iPhone application.


The exhibition of this work was followed by CINEMA LOUNGE, a curated film screening featuring work by local filmmakers: Shelley Harding, Anet Neutze,  Esta de Jong, Matt Middleton, Ted Whitaker, David Green, Max Bellamy, Phoebe Mackenzie, Sarah McKay.


and what. Water

Images from Waterlines II, site specific art installation for Matariki Festival 2013.

A group show curated by Anteroom Project Space for works on water, in boat shed and in the vicinity of Back Beach, Port Chalmers, Dunedin, Aotearoa.

videodrome_1 videodrome_2 videodrome_3 videodrome_4 videodrome_still1jpg videodrome_still2

Videodrome, 2013 from Ted Whitaker on Vimeo.

A short moment during the site specific exhibition Waterlines II, Port Chalmers, Aotearoa.
This video is a brief showcase of interactions with the work Videodrome, copper, iPhone, AR application.

Sonic Vision

No Wi-Fi from Electronic Arts | DSA on Vimeo.

Sonic Video Performance Series, featuring:
TMarx, Robot Monkey Orchestra, Sandra Kaas, Veronica Gonzalez, Wreckhead, Danielle van der Linde, Jed McCammon, Nazi Disco, Just Click, Okay, The Fuck Chairs, Pastel/Pink-Combat/Ute. $No Damage

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funeral party ~ studio exhibition


This exhibition payed as a tribute to my early love for television. The analogue tv signal ended in the south island of New zealand on Sunday April 28th 2013, this exhibition was held on the 27th. I guess TV has been dead for me a long time already. Although tv still exists and hasnt actually died. it is dead to me and the forms of media I inhale consist of other fetishist devices such as laptops, smart phones and cinema projectors. This exhibition funeral was a mix of both saying goodbye to an old(er) media and a moment to understand the nothing has really changed.


Funeral night. Polaroid courtesy of Greg Thomas

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~~®ø؃-†º¶~~ cinema

Rooftop screening at St. Clair Beach, Dunedin for friends and family.

Nick Knox, improv keys.

Nick Knox, improv keys.

Nick Knox


Rooftop setup day

Rooftop setup day

Festival Selection

anma_imageA new short film A Neo-Modern Aesthetic, 2013. 4min 18sec. now a part of the 2013 Official Selection Aotearoa Surf Film Festival.

check the coastal tour schedule.

off the wall

Augmented Reality in Contemporary Art


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Documentation from Inside the Square, Group show at None Gallery, Dunedin, Aotearoa.

Augmented Reality (AR) exhibition at None Gallery (24 Stafford Street) opening Thursday August 2nd – Sunday August 5th, 2012.
The exhibition features work three local artists using new technology blending virtual graphics in a physical environment. The artists involved work in a range of mediums from sculpture, photography and video are applying their art practice to this new technology in a gallery context. The new work is experimental, the exhibition acting as a place to mark a stepping stone with the technology.
Augmented Reality is rapidly becoming an extremely popular medium accessible on smart phones and the awaiting Google Project Glass. One such iPhone app currently available on iTunes is DiscovAR, a new and interesting way to experience Dunedin’s culture and heritage.

Featuring work by Ted Whitaker, Emily Hlavac-Green and Max Bellamy.


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